TCS NINJA 2022 Batch Interview Questions

TCS NINJA 2022 Batch Interview Questions

In this the given are some interview question asked to TCS Ninja interviews. Mostly In every interview they first starts with Tell me about yourself ?  for this question we should prepare well because total interview is surrounded by this questions answer.

if in introduction you said that you know only java then the interviewer asks question on the basis of that. that why you should more prepare for this question.  prepare self into click here

Following are some common technical and HR TCS NINJA Interview Questions  Asked In TCS NINJA 2022 Batch :-

  1. Self Introduction
  2. Explain about project
  3. What do you know about C ?
  4. What and Why #include ?
  5. What is runtime & compile time ?
  6. Why TCS ?
  7. About TCS
  8. Tell me about your leadership skills ?
  9. Your Achievements in leadership
  10. How do you manage work pressure ?
  11. Difference between Interface & Abstract classes ?
  12. Functions of Overloading and Overriding ?
  13. What is infinite loop ?
  14. Explain While, Do While and For Loop ?
  15. What do you know about cloud computing & Its types ?
  16. Major cloud computing platforms ?
  17. What is Linux ?
  18. Basic Linux Commands ?
  19. What is array ?
  20. What is pointer ?
  21. Explain Functions ?
  22. What do you know about C++ ?
  23. What do you know about Python, HTML, and CSS ?


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